Importance of commercial design in Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and Gene Therapy is a rapidly developing sector, with everyone getting involved, from new start-ups to big pharma. So for this industry more than most, it’s especially important to attract attention from investors, potential clients and the media through stand-out branding and design.

People are visual by nature, processing images 60,000 times faster than text, thus underlining the point that a strong brand identity needs to be a key consideration for any company, no matter the industry. In a highly regulated, R&D driven environment like this, visions are often powerful and globally impacting, focusing on finding better cures for diseases. So it is easy to forget that a carefully constructed consumer proposition backed by a highly polished brand can also be a major point of difference in a competitive market.

Not only is it important to stand out from the crowd, design subliminally influences our health every day by breaking down over-complicated ideas and highlighting risk. Whether it’s with a strong personal motivation for Cell and Gene Therapy, or a single-minded financial focus, some firms simply don’t consider the impact of a simple stand-out brand – but that’s no excuse in an industry where innovation and visionary thinking is at its heart. Design and marketing can and should play it’s part at both a product and business level.

So, how to make your brand a (bio) beat above the rest:

  • Keep it up to date and engaging – biotech is a crowded market with Cell and Gene Therapy being a crucial part of this market, but many companies feature outdated and cliched design; not good in an innovative market. It’s relatively easy to be different. Start with a strong, simple brand design and consider the use of colour, typography, and imagery which complements your company vision and stands out from the rest.
  • Imagery is a key brand asset, but try and avoid stock imagery. Everyone else will be browsing the same photo libraries so use real-life photos which bring your company to life. White coats in a clinical setting are a definite “no”, use photos that are relatable, show-off your brand’s personality and the end goal of your technology.
  • Have consistent design and messaging across all collateral, especially websites, buildings and literature. It’s easier said than done, but critically important. The world is increasingly digital so your website is your “window to the world”, so make your brand interactions eye-catching and interactive.

Cell and Gene Therapy is exciting, dynamic and innovative; the very best brand design equally so. Bringing the two together is a great way to start getting more engagement from the audience that matters to you most.

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